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Continuous Evolution

Judi provides financial institutions with a configurable AI driven loan adjudication platform with a unified credit engine for SMB and consumer lending.
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Activation Time

We reduce the time it takes to process applications, helping you build a quality loan book quickly and efficiently. Our frictionless, multichannel application only takes minutes to complete and is accessible 24/7 online or in-branch to provide instant loan decisioning.

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Experience & Innovation

AI Adjudicator™ is configured and calibrated to your credit policies and business rules across a variety of lending products, allowing your institution to create a scalable, standardized process.
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Observe and Report

AI Adjudicator™ aggregates and analyzes thousands of data elements and attributes related to a business, its owners, its industry and key markets that are reflective of that business’s credit performance.

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Seamless and Scalable

Automate your workflow to save your time and money.Increase deal flow while making better risk decisions!

Origin Story

In a land far, far away, there lived a tribe of bankers, accountants, programmers, scientists, testers, and advisors all fighting for the underdog. Fighting for those fueling the economy. Fighting for those providing jobs and services in all corners of the country – small businesses.

This diverse tribe of defenders saw that the backbone of our economy needed support.Small businesses support our economy, but who supports the small businesses? Our team knew first-hand how SMBs lack the advantages of larger organizations when it comes to systems, processes, technology and bandwidth.It’s critical that they gain access to capital quickly in order to thrive and grow.

Our heroes understood that scale was required to reach as many small businesses as possible through the vast network of lenders and creditors with the power to deploy capital. From there a platform unlike any other was born. AI Adjudicator™: the one platform to (rule them all) enables any lender or creditor to adjudicate risk efficiently and economically. Initially called Lendified Technologies, our team of defenders rebranded to Judi but continue to develop AI technology tools for instantly evaluating, judging, and decisioning on small business risk.

Find more about our sister company, Lendified, here.

Core Values

  • Ethics: We embed it into all aspects of how we operate
  • Teamwork: We build, foster, empower and trust our people
  • Data: We love, respect and protect it
  • Learning: We embrace curiosity, innovation and adapt quickly to failure
  • Decisive: Decide, act, change course as required
  • Teamwork: We build, foster, empower and trust our people
  • Problem Solving: We persist in finding a way, the right way
  • Diversity: We use it to make us better

Leadership Team

Headquartered in Vancouver, Judi is founded by ex-bankers and accelerated by innovative technologists. Our team of experts is comprised of data scientists, developers, accountants, adjudicators, and technologists specialized in building and implementing SaaS software.The Judi executive team is built on years of substantial experience in the financial services industry and the financial technology sector both here in Canada, and abroad.

Monique Morden

Chief Executive Officer

Monique Morden has a data driven background combining over 20 years of experience in customer intelligence and over 10 years in technology. Monique played a role in disrupting the market research industry as a senior executive at Vision Critical, where their cloud based customer intelligence platform created an innovative alternative to traditional market research.

Inspired by the transformative power of technology, Monique co-founded Mentio in 2014, where the goal was to leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze trends and patterns in the cloud accounting data of small businesses. The result was a mobile first automated cash flow forecasting tool for small business owners, acting as an early warning system for cash flow issues. While taking part in Techstars (Seattle 2015), Mentio realized the value of their application to the alternative lending space leading to Lendified recognizing the power of Mentio’s cash flow algorithm to their credit engine, spurring an acquisition by Lendified Holdings in March, 2016.

Monique is a graduate of the Masters of Business Administration program at Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University; and an Honours B.Sc graduate from the University of Guelph. Monique is based in Vancouver with her husband and three teenage daughters where they spend many hours ripping powder at Whistler.

Victor Comas

Vice President, Data Science

Victor Comas’ strong analytical and data driven background comes from many years spent researching experimental nuclear physics at world recognized facilities such as GSI in Germany and CERN. The focus of the research was the production of new super heavy elements. Victor holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from Giessen University in Germany.

Prior to Judi, Victor helped start and worked at Zero Gravity Labs, a Research and Development Lab at LoyaltyOne’s Air Miles Program, as a Senior Data Scientist (Team Lead) with the mandate of leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get the company to the next level from Technology and Analytics perspective.The work ranged from Costumer Analytics to Fraud Detection and Recommender Engines.

Victor also joined Outside Intelligence Inc at an early stage, a start-up recently acquired by a New York Company called Exiger. He helped develop the core IP of their product DDIQ, which is an award winning, market differentiator product that is transforming how financial institutions comply with financial crime regulations worldwide.

Joe Finneran

Vice President, Engineering

Joe is an experienced senior IT Leader with a proven track record in building and developing highly effective engineering teams that deliver high quality customer centric solutions. He brings over 20 years of internationalexperience in the finance and technology sectors, including senior roles with Western Union and PayPal.

A calculated risk taker, with deep tech industry knowledge, Joe is a passionate believer in the power of continuous improvement and the philosophy that we should always strive to put the customer at the core of everything we do on a daily basis. Joe has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the National University of Ireland and a Master’s Degree in Data Engineering from Keele University in the UK.

Su Ning Strube

Vice President, Product

Su Ning is passionate about building and leading high functioning teams through rapid growth. Her sweet spot includes the intersection between technology and business, where the combination of analytical, creative and operational skills is paramount for success. With over 18 years of experience in the digital space, she has worn many hats as a digital strategist, product marketer and business developer. This diverse experience at premier Vancouver based tech companies, such as Blast Radius, Vision Critical and HootSuite, positions her well for driving innovation and delivering seamless, end-to-end customer journeys.

She has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of Victoria and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. When she isn’t building beautiful software, Su Ning is playing outside with her husband and two adorable boys.

Louise Pronovost

Vice President, Sales

Louise is a well-rounded business leader who has held several senior positions in sales and partnership development working with clients ranging from global enterprises, mid-market / commercial, and public sector. She specializes in rapid expansion and early market penetration roles, launching new products and services within large organizations such as Crystal Decisions (now SAP), IBM and TELUS. Louise is dedicated to delivering value to her clients so they can better serve their own clients.

Passionate about team culture, Louise has delivered world class levels of employee engagement by successfully challenging and enabling talented people to do their best work.

In everything she does,Louise applies the discipline she acquired in her studies towardsa Master’s Degree in piano performance at McGill University.She still tickles the ivory now and then, and loves listening to a broad range of music.